There is no pride being Haitians and African Americans. May be...

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There is no pride being Haitians and African Americans.

May be one day, Haitians will get their pride back when they all learn and speak one language.

The day they can be educated in their own language, pride and dignity will come back and lift up their spirit again.

In the United States, we were colonized by the British and we had learned British English to start our country and we develop our own unique language which is the American English and 100% of the U.S. population speak it. That's why we have national unity because we all speak a common language and we learn in that language in our schools.

The British themselves respect our American English Academy and they are borrowing some of our new grammar rules.

You, Haitians what do you after 206 years of your Revolution?

My adopted White Dad tells me that those Haitians in Haiti are very far to represent the Haitian Founding Fathers.

He said that they are all beggars and they like to criticize the outside world for their misfortunes.

They are so divided between themselves and that is why their country is going down to the Caribbean Sea. He said that Dessalines was a good person although the White World blamed him for the French Massacre.

He said that he was a true Haitian who wanted to start from the scracth to build another country.

If he was alive he would kill himself for seeing those beggars in Haiti begging the white world for help.

He said that he admires Toussaint Louverture and eventhough he was not for the independence of Haiti but he believes that was his strategy to rebuild Haiti after the 1771 Earthquake and later he could have proclaimed Haiti's independence.

He said that Petion was a good administrator and he did build some democratic structures in Haiti.

Haiti had good Founding Fathers and none of those actual leaders in Haiti now don't try emulate any of those Haitian Founding Fathers.

There is no pride for me to identify myself as Haiti.

I always say that I came from Morroco and not Haiti.

I am learning Arabic so I can stick to that false identity because Haitians will never live up to their responsibility.

They became bare life citizens of the world.

The day they can learn from their own language and do like us they will be better than African Americans and Africans from Africa.

They need to class all foreign languages in their country as optional second or third languages if they want to be respected all throughout of the world.

If you have 100% people to speak a language this language should the only official language and it should be the teaching language as well. Haitians should imitate America by making Creole their official and teaching language if they want to develop Haiti.

It is sad I cannot identify myself as Haitian ok.

Adams, January 30 2011, 2:52 PM

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Toulimen, 28-Jan-11 10:55 pm
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Tiba, 30-Jan-11 9:12 am
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Toulimen, 30-Jan-11 2:21 pm
There is no pride being Haitians and African Americans. May be one day, Haitians will get their pride back when they... read more >
Adams, 30-Jan-11 2:52 pm
I don't deny any of your allegations but I am not a beggar and cannot be a beggar too. America is the obstacle to... read more >
Toulimen, 30-Jan-11 3:02 pm
My dear this is so unfortunate that people like you exist! how could you be ashamed of your origin? you have no... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 17-Apr-11 8:17 pm
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