Oh ok I see, I was so upset to reply to your comment without...

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Oh ok I see, I was so upset to reply to your comment without finish reading it.And went back to read it again, then find that u are on of the selavi kid.Ok this is why you have that stupid mentality your ass raise by white trash trailer park parents.

Because they want u to forget the fact that you are haitian.And maybe they want u to hate that fact, this is what I'm getting according to your comment.

American do not like haitian point blanc its not a blame game here it is a fact.I'm not going to wast my time to put those facts for u because they already owne your ass, so no matter what I say to u, u would not believe me. Therefore I will not do so but I want to know that they can adopt u ass all they want that do not mean the like u. Espicially white people from viginia, I can imagine what u going through from them. Believe me they do some stupid thing to u, maybe their finger in your ass or whatever.

U say u not a latrine cleaner um black boy raise by white trash trailer park um you are a latrine cleaner.

Because white people do not clean they adopted u to do their cleaning for them.this why they choose haitian kid. I think I'm finish here with u.

Richelle, January 30 2011, 7:19 AM

Topic: New York Times: The Awaiting of the Grand Bayakou in Haiti

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I am trying to see if I can track him down. This is not the time for divisions here on this blog. We may disagree on... read more >
Toulimen, 28-Jan-11 10:55 pm
If New York Times can say that it is because they believe Haiti is a latrines' country where all Haitians are... read more >
Adams, 29-Jan-11 11:35 am
No body care if somebody like u talk like that about a place where your parents from.It so unfortunate that place... read more >
Richelle, 30-Jan-11 6:04 am
Oh ok I see,I was so upset to reply to your comment without finish reading it.And went back to read it again,then find... read more >
Richelle, 30-Jan-11 7:19 am
Adams! Adams! Adams! You are the prime example of the typical uncle Tom of the world! I would assure you that Haiti... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-11 8:08 am
Toulimen, You said "This Petrus keeps voicing revolution and that is not what we are debating now and if he does not... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-11 9:12 am
Tiba, we can always have a social revolution occured in Haiti but not in the middle of this chaos my brother. People... read more >
Toulimen, 30-Jan-11 2:21 pm
There is no pride being Haitians and African Americans. May be one day, Haitians will get their pride back when they... read more >
Adams, 30-Jan-11 2:52 pm
I don't deny any of your allegations but I am not a beggar and cannot be a beggar too. America is the obstacle to... read more >
Toulimen, 30-Jan-11 3:02 pm
My dear this is so unfortunate that people like you exist! how could you be ashamed of your origin? you have no... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 17-Apr-11 8:17 pm
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