Tiba, listen I have not said that homosexual is a process. I...

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Tiba, listen I have not said that homosexual is a process.

I quoted Joe Osteen that says it is a process and a sin according to the Judeo-Christianism's scriptures.

It is said that homosexuality emerges from acts of wars in the past with the Greek soldiers that could not find women to sleep with and they had raped some males while they were fighting in wars. For the western world, it started with the Greeks and the Near East (Balkan)people.

Moreover, Tiba heterosexual is a natural process and biologically speaking this process is grounded into union of X and Y chromosomes from both parents.

A natural process is long Tiba, the latest survey from the American Health Institute shows that only 3% of Americans are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, Intersexes and transgenders.

Why do we have a small minority of those people whereas 97% are heterosexuals?

My two last professors of bilogy explain to me that they do not have any theory to justify that homosexual people came from heterosexual parents.

I am looking for answer for that piece.

If you believe that it is a natural process why don't you enlighten me on it?

Have you ever read any of these two books: LeVay, Simon & Hamer Dean H. (1994): Evidence for a Bilogical Influence in Male Homosexuality.

Scientific American 270(5): 44-49; Dr. Gregory Cochran, (July 2005): An Evolutionary Look at Human Homosexuality.

Tiba, all I know homosexuality is unnatural and no one is born homosexual.

If you can teach me this process just let me know my brother.

I know nothing myself and I keep searching the truth at all times.

Please share any knowledge that you have on it with. If it is not a natural process explains it to me. I am open to new ideas and I will integrate it into my research to make others aware of it...

I interviewed gays and lesbians in schools and many of them explain to me that they do not have any gay person in their families and most of them believe that they are victims of scientific advancements.

I have collected money to help genetically reversed this process into two gay males and I have raised 10000 dollars to contribute to doctor fees. In three months, I will attend the wedding of one of them who will marry a beautiful lady from Texas.

If you have a proof telling me that it is natural I will stop helping others turning their lives around.

Have you researched Foucault's views on homosexuality?

Please do so if you are not a liberal person.

I am a centrist person myself and I always espouse both liberal and conservative views.

I do not hate gay but I consider them as victims of science before and after the Creation of the New World in this Western Hemisphere.

You can believe what you want to believe but I have no doubt in my mind that homosexuality is unnatural and it is a process that we have deal with or stop it. It is reversible and I help cured some gay people and I will continue to do so until you prove to me it is natural and I will stop helping.

Take care brother! What do you know about Micky?

I am disappointed in Mirelande and she has not articulated well her agenda over the last election.

I rally my support behind MicKy who seems to represent our generation and the new ones. Take care!

Toulimen, January 25 2011, 8:28 PM

Topic: Joel Osteen on CNN: Homosexuality Is a SIN

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Tiba, listen I have not said that homosexual is a process. I quoted Joe Osteen that says it is a process and a sin... read more >
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Toulimen, 25-Jan-11 11:22 pm
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Tiba, 26-Jan-11 6:33 am
joel represents the side of christendom that has been getting it wrong for 2000 years. the new covenant is not a... read more >
Feetxxxl, 26-Jan-11 7:17 am
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Jan-11 7:39 am
i see nothing of any understanding of the new covenant. read more >
Feetxxxl, 26-Jan-11 8:06 am
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