Americans Respect Smart And Intelligent People Not Subservient Politicians

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The reason America is an obstacle to our economic development is because our politicians do not care for their citizens.

At the 21st century, America does not understand why the Haitian Bourgeoisie cannot feed their own citizens and it is sad to see Haitian citizens living their country for economic reasons.

The Haitian Bourgeoisie refuses to modernize the Haitian agricultural means to produce more foods to feed the Haitian population.

They keep arguing that they do not want chemical foods but America does not produce only chemical foods.

The Haitian elites could hire some organic food farmers in the United States to teach them how to modernize their agricultural means of productions to produce more foods organically.

If Americans could see that willingness from the Haitian Bourgeoisie I bet you they would allow Haiti to succeed.

Haitian Bourgeois and politicians are not smart and intelligent to use the best of America to move their country forward.

America is a country of everything and you can choose what is good to change your country by rejecting what you believe is not good for you. Americans will not come on board to tell you to imitate what is good from their country to move your country forward.

If you are smart and intelligent, you will know what is best for you and you can get anything from them.

If Haitians were intelligent they will create along with Bill Clinton and Michaelle Jean an independent country to eliminate the Protectorate Status like the Dominicans did it in 1923. We are the only country under the U.S. protectorate because we do not produce any goods at all. What a shane! When can we see the need to stop being the beggars of the world?

We can end this protectorate status which makes us a dependent country of the United States forever by reforming and restructuring our political establishment.

We need to draw the lines between what is normal and what is not normal.

We need to reduce the size of our goverment in Haiti and overseas so U.S. does not have to give us 70% of our budget to pay our public employees.

We need to strengthen the private sector to create 95% of our jobs.

We need to create technical schools to produce an educated workforce to produce goods in Haiti.

We can create our own goods by using what we have. For instance, a shoe school will be welcome in Haiti by using our shoemakers in Haiti to do so. In addition, a school for Haitian clothes will be welcome by licensing our current tailors and transform them into teachers to teach others.

Moreover, a school of arts will be welcome by licensing first our current artists and making them teachers to teach other Haitians.

After that, we can create 5 regional shopping centers to sell all those products coming from those vocational schools for Haitians and other tourists.

We keep saying that whites do not want us to develop and it is not true. The question we do not know how to use our current resources and therefore no one is available to teach us what is good for ourselves.

They realize that we like division more than anything else and we do not have ideas to move our country forward; and therefore, they play on our political divisions to make us destroy our country.

If we are brave enough to change Haiti, they will help us change it but they cannot come in your country to do it for you. As a macro and micromanager myself I can change Haiti for real but my time has not come yet.

Haiti can become an independent country again but Haitians need to be serious about themselves to make that happen.

Again, if you are smart and intelligent and you know what is good for your country America will help you move forward.

If they see that you are dumb, they will fool you and make you become more dependent than ever. Americans like smart and intelligent people.

We don't become a prosperous country because we are dumbs and if we don't stop being dumbs we will sink Haiti down the Caribbean Sea...

Toulimen, February 1 2011, 1:35 AM

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