Is being civilized Tiba means to embrace homosexuality as a...

Toulimen - January 25 2011, 9:49 AM

Is being civilized Tiba means to embrace homosexuality as a normal way of life?

Is it a natural process?

How can people turn themselves into gays?

Are they born homosexuals?

Can heterosexuals give birth to gay on a biological standpoint?

When did homosexual practices get widely spread in the New World?

Can you argue about its practices from the Western Europe and in Southeastern Europe with Greece and how it got introduced into the New World?

What role do bioethics and biopower of our contemporary scientists play into it?

Do you remember the protests against the sterelization process worldwide in the 1960s?

What do we get after those protests to decrease the world population?

Are homosexuals sinners?

Is homosexuality a chosen or a free lifestyle?

Tiba, with no fear answer me the above questions if you can.

My point of view on this, homosexuals are not sinners in our contemporary world.

The Greek soldiers in the past practiced it over certain males because they could not find females when they were deployed to wars. Lack of women available to them at that time forced them into horrible sexual encounters which we call today homosexuality.

When they returned from wars they had With Foucault, I learned that the practice of homosexual emerged from the France prison with males prostitutes.

Then, again, you see a lack of females creates this unnatural way of doing sex. Today's date Tiba, that is not the case. I am not doing gay bashing or promoting gay lifestyle either rather I am promoting awareness so Haitian people can shield themselves in our country so this new lifestyle will not divide our society more than it has been divided over the past 206 years.

I do not promote criminalization of homosexuality but we can stop this unnatural way of decreasing the world population on the earth.

I am not against gays Tiba and some of my friends in schools found out how they became developing the gay behavior and some of them are on treatment to correct their chromosomes to be normal males.

In church, we are praying for many of them who have the courage to correct the wrongness from those who have biopower over them. Be serious Tiba and how I got you confused.

Do some research and enlighten me by answering the above questions if you can. May God bless you!

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