Toulimen, you do have a point. Homosexuality is a a conscious...

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Toulimen, you do have a point.

Homosexuality is a a conscious choice made by an individual.

Nobody is born with a chromosome that is distinctively a Homosexual.

Political correctness would have us believe that Homosexuality is innate.

The reason is obvious, homosexuals don't want to be persecuted and prosecuted.

In an "evolved" society homosexuality is pretty much tolerated.

Homosexuality is not new to mankind except that it was taboo to talk openly about.

Heterosexuality is pretty much a learned behavior from day one. Little girls are dressed in pink and little boys are dressed in blue. As a toddler, you are offered toys such as guns, trucks, air planes, and balls.

Little girls get dolls and miniature houses.

Little girls learned to talked differently to little boys even at the sand box.
Homosexuality was placed up to recently with other "aberrant" sexual behaviors such as bestiality, prostitution, transvestite.

Now, in the age of "technology", will we have another "aberrant" sexual behavior?

Ater all, no man can come close to what it can do...

Will men be a thing of the past?

maybe not "technology" can't reproduce human emotions...

("Moi, je ne crois qu'a l'ordinateur, gentil micro protege coeur...en. mille mega bonheur").


Yes, once upon the time, there was a shortage of women specifically in newly colonized countries such as North America and the Caribbeans.

The reason is again obvious; Men came first by boat in treacherous conditions and need to establish themselves before they can ask for female companionship.

As a matter of fact, in Brazil and St Domingue alike the leaders were asking the Colonies to send White females because their people were mating at an alarming rate with the "natives".


Women shortage alone does not explain homosexual tendencies.

Homosexuality is best explained through personality traits, nurture, and circumstances...

In the end, I believe, live and let live.

Marjorie Middy, January 25 2011, 9:22 PM

Topic: Joel Osteen on CNN: Homosexuality Is a SIN

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Toulimen, 25-Jan-11 8:28 pm
Toulimen, you do have a point. Homosexuality is a a conscious choice made by an individual. Nobody is born with a... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 25-Jan-11 9:22 pm
Well said, that has to do with biological traits, chromosomes and political correctness too. I support the policy... read more >
Toulimen, 25-Jan-11 11:22 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Jan-11 7:39 am
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Feetxxxl, 26-Jan-11 8:06 am
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