I kill your brother, you kill me, my brother kills you, your...

Blackandproud - December 9 2010, 4:14 PM

I kill your brother, you kill me, my brother kills you, your cousin kills my brother.

How do we forgive that and stop the killing.

Fear of other peoples has continued since the beginning of time. White people were once enslaved by North africans, some even taken to southern kingdoms of africa too. We are in a cycle and the domination of the europeans has nothing to do with their solidarity, but everything to do with their savagery.

Another point about haiti or any other island in the carribean and even the americas and africas as a whole, is that we are in cycles of warfare.

Be it, governmental, tribal or gang related.

ITs all warfare.

Its easy to preach solidarity, but to end a cycle of violence you need common forgiveness and a system in place where we can each have our cake.

Haiti has been the scorn of america for a long time, much as cuba is. Jamaica and other islands that have subjugated themselves to mother america do so out of fear. Cuba and haiti have been fighting the white man for a long time. Haiti has lost now due to the new types of weapons in play now.

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I would love to believe this, but the facts have been...



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