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Nothing but All White Men Lies.
By Wilgeens Rosenberg

There is the falsehood of notion that keep on circulating through out History that the first slave sold was by another African.


Never really actually happened.

It was all excuses many white Europeans men later used to make people of colors grow hatred and resentments for their own race. As well as to conceal the fact that they went to Africa with pre-meditated intent and capitalism interests in mind. Their actions is to be self evident in and within itself how they have massacred millions of natives just to occupied their land and called the indigenous people savages.

There actions is to be justify by the atrocity of what happened in Quisqueya, Boyo, Ayti now known as Hispaniola divided by hatred, racism, classicism and old resentments of both HAITIANS AND DOMINICANS have for one another.

Dividers created by who, never-the-less and none other than White European France and Spain.

"If my own brother have sold me like one of his cattle from the motherland, who am I to love him, much less myself now" This was a sentiment expressed by a slave which no names were given for him after he was told and falsely educated by his master that his own brother have sold him back in Africa.

Months after, this slave was made head of other slave on the plantation, and later eventually moved to the position of what is know as a House Negro.

Have you ever wonder is that was true that we were sold by our very own, that the records of History would have had proof of such purchase and such evidence of such Bill of Purchase?

That, the White men would have kept it in shines much like is kept America's very own Declaration of Independence...

Much less if such sale was made, history would have had such a Colored individual to be or possibly to have been the richest man in Africa; or nevertheless the most demonized figure to the known African Continent and many other countries abroad of people of color.

If that were to be or ever been true, such an individual would have had to have been the most powerful and respected man known to the White race at that time and either to would have been or being considered as the most ignorant or smartest, even dangerous man known to them to have capitalized by or of such a trade regardless if African tribes use to have periodical conflicts with each other or not. The one thing we would all have agreed upon is that this individual to the colored race would have been the most hatred and resented figure known to us.

I mean, we have recorded proof that of the much needless events, items and more that till these days are of no substantial nor meaningful, pertinence nor relevance to anything at all that are kept preserved; that to say sadly it would be much as it would have been such way too unfortunate for a white men or any to have not preserved such a BILL OF PURCHASE record that could of exonerated them of having been the True barbaric Criminal of the past. I say this of no racial bias toward any good hearted White men, women or youths.

In my writings, my expressions and sentiments are not at all racially motivated.

None of what I say in this article are of any collective hatred or resentments toward any good and humane white people.

Doubt it not fellow brothers and sisters, and educate, that such an event never actually took place.

That in truth, Africans never in reality did or have sold their own. This premise have been nothing but all white men conquering lies and deceitful misconceptions to divide.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, February 20 2008, 11:18 PM

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I wonder why no African people ever mention that it was a white man lie. read more >
Soufnantiou, 20-Feb-08 11:49 pm
I think there is a good dose of truth to it. We were caught and sold by our brothers. Look what happen in Rwanda... read more >
Zandolit, 21-Feb-08 9:02 am
Because it had already amde to believe that it was so based on false notions that exist in Africa that many tribal... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 21-Feb-08 5:04 pm
OKay let us Recap on what you have said: "We were caught and sold by our brothers." To be caught, we would have to... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 21-Feb-08 6:20 pm
Mon ami depi nan Ginen neg ap trayi neg. period. this should be the end of this discussion In your mind the... read more >
Zandolit, 22-Feb-08 10:30 am
What's good that may come out of this is: The change of mindset of many colored men, women who for years have looked... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 22-Feb-08 4:21 pm
The Jews or let say the zionists have been exterminating the Arabs in their own land for decades.They have engaged in... read more >
Luc, 22-Feb-08 5:53 pm
If you are questioning my background to implicate anything by looking at my name which is Jewish. Then you must know... read more >
Rosenberg Wilgeens, 23-Feb-08 5:37 pm
Rosenberg let us be friends and not start a religious war nor open very old cans of worms on this blog. There are... read more >
Luc, 23-Feb-08 7:11 pm
My point exactly. That is why I am agnostic when it comes to any faiths even on the verge on Athiesm, although not... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 24-Feb-08 5:28 pm
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