You need to do your own research if you are proud of being a...

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You need to do your own research if you are proud of being a Haitian person.

The creole alphabet is originated from West Africa and it is uprooted in the Bambara, Fulani and Igbo. The Creole sound is not American rather it is West Africa's sound.

Type on Google Fon or Bambara and you will discover the root words of the Creole alphabet as one of the 31st languages in the world.

You want to say the Web Creole reflects Americans to generate hatred toward Americans in pleasing the Europeans.

One thing that you need to know is this there is no difference between Americans and Europeans.

They are all Europeans after all, now Americans are in the lead so why bother and why should we look upon the Europeans' shoulders for leadership?

Creole was never a French language during the colonial era. The French believed it to be a broken french during the colonial era, but it was not. The Creole is local meaning born in Hispaniola when the former African slaves unpacked their social baggages from the West, South and Central African states.

The former slaves could barely speak French and how the Creole could be one of the french languages.

You are talking with a language expert and not an idiot ok. I will make you proud of yourself, your country by inviting you to master the Creole language if I am given the opportunity to serve Haiti.

You are my brother and with no hatred we should come together and the world second class citizen status or the poorest country on earth does not please both of us whether one is mulatto or a dark skinned Haitian.

We have to put aside our differences, for white men in positions of power are taking advantages of both us in our political and economic divisions.

To be proud of ourselves, we should reform our educational system and we should use what can work and what can unify all of us. 100% percent of Haitians speak Creole whereas 15% of them speak French; therefore, the language of unity is Creole and it should be the only official language of Haiti.

Is Creole a second language or an official language in France?

No. Why should it be an official language in Haiti?

To please who?

My friend, I will help change Haiti in the days ahead and we will come together again as it used to be from 1804 to 1862. Haiti is the country of two ethnic groups, both mulattoes and dark skinned Haitians and their language should be Creole for their unity.

Are you proud being Haitian or mulatto or dark skinned Haitian?

I am proud to be Haitian and Creole is the language of all Haitians...

Babouket la pral tonbe e nou pap fe blan franse plezi anko. Nap rete lib e nou pap tounen esklav anko. Se kreyol sa ke ou pa konpran nan. Yo van liv pou sa e pa rete nan ignorans pou ou bay glwa ak lot peyi olye peyi pa ou. Se kreyol sila a ki sonnen Ameriken an. Mwen te nan moun ki tap ekri li a e rechech nou te fet sou bambara, fulani e Igbo avan nou te ekri li jan li dwe ekri ya. Al apran kreyol tande si ou vle yon bon Ayisyen tout bon vre. Je vous suggere d'etudier le Creole si voulez etre un Haitien authentique.

Je suis fier d'etre Haitien et je suis fier aussi de ma langue creole.

I love Creole so much that I do not intend to trade it for any other languages of the world and I hope that you understand my argumentations for a prompt educational reform creole in Haiti.

We are being excluded from the World French Association because they do not consider us as a french country.

Therefore, french should not be an official language in Haiti.

We are given the status of auditor whenever the French speaking countries are gathered to talk about french teaching in the world.

Are you proud of such a given status?

Think and think again ok.

Toulimen, December 5 2010, 4:00 PM

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You need to do your own research if you are proud of being a Haitian person. The creole alphabet is originated from... read more >
Toulimen, 5-Dec-10 4:00 pm
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