Rev. Dr.Dumaine should blame Guy Phillipe not the U.N for the cholera

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First, you make a mockery of the Rev title by using vulgarity in your writing.

Second, You are a coward.

You are afraid to tell people that Guy Phillipe, his thugs and Camionette chagee in particular are the responsible for the cholera by bringing the United Nations troops in Haiti.

If the Nepalese soldiers brought the cholera in Haiti we should blame Guy Phillipe, Camionette for being the cause of it.
The UN works as a proxy for camionette chagee becuse it would have been too obvious and ugly if camionette send its troop after the "adultnapping" of Aristide.

Third, It is well documented that the Preval administration was making progress in Haiti until the earthquake strike.Now Preval have to deal with all kind of intrigues, political machinations and deceptions that take place behind the scene with the Haitian elites and the multinational corporations that want to be in charge of the money or getting contracts or exclusivity.

Most people will agree that you outshine the American truck drivers by your vulgarity.

The way you formulates the current problem in Haiti and how president preval respond to it show that you are a simpleminded or simple-town.

Send me your zip code.

Henri Christophe Viii, November 22 2010, 5:24 PM

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I agree with you. Guy Phillipe is responsible for this collateral damages. read more >
Marie Phillipe, 22-Nov-10 9:12 pm
The United Nations troops should go where they need them the most such as in Palestine to protect the Palestinian and... read more >
Machande Fresco, 23-Nov-10 2:45 am
God bless you for your bright ideas to help the people of Haiti. If you feel some of the word attributes to the... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 23-Nov-10 11:34 pm
Why blame Guy Phillipe alone. He is not the only one that cause the UN troops in Haiti. The Arabs,the mulattoes,the... read more >
Cannonnier B-1, 24-Nov-10 11:55 pm
You are really setting on the point, but Guy Phillipe is not the pioneer of all this. No one can say that Arisitde and... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 25-Nov-10 1:24 pm
It sounds like you are one of the opened minded person. I vote for Arisitde not for Guy Phillipe, but It was noticed... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 25-Nov-10 1:32 pm
You are working for the USA intelligence services and disinformation programme read more >
Charlmagne Peralte 90234, 25-Nov-10 3:19 pm
You are a paid agent provocateur and to disseminate propaganda for bourik charge. Charlemagne Peralte network-CPN read more >
Charlemagne Peralte 22435, 25-Nov-10 9:40 pm
How much money G.P. gives you from his illegal money? Tell the truth. read more >
Investigator Zero Two, 27-Nov-10 1:46 am
Dear Friend, There is coincidence of been paid agent; however, God called me to be an agent of the truth. You are very... read more >
Rev. Dr. Dumaine, 27-Nov-10 1:30 pm
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