Haiti's Constitution Should Be Amended To Include All Haitians

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Haitians who are born from both Haitian parents or either from one parent are Haitians forever and they should have the right to be elected as public officials in Haiti.

The reform will come on board soon. The Dominicans had done it in 1996 to integrate all Dominicans born with a dual citizenship status and why not Haiti?

It will come on board and I am working on it to liberate all Haitians wherever they may be around the word. This country must come together again and all Haitians who are living overseas will have the power to put their knowledge and expertise at work to help their fellow Haitians.

For all those Haitians who are spreading hatred, division and fear-mongering against all Haitians, I want to tell you this: You will lose your hatred fight! I am called on board to make that happen.

Haitians will unite again and Haiti will be saved.

We are all Haitian brothers and sisters although we share different views about politics and we all love Haiti and the latter is for all Haitians with no exclusion and exception at all. We will unite again and we will develop Haiti to become the Pearl of the Antilles and not the Curse of the Antilles.

Toulimen, September 19 2010, 12:19 PM

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