Tiba, last time you argued in one of your post about the...

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Tiba, last time you argued in one of your post about the effects of poverty on Haitian people and the consequences that followed them. It was a good answer to the problem of child abuse that some Haitian children are facing in Haiti.

Psychologically speaking, some mothers came from abused families and they could not discipline their children any better than many may expect it. Before anyone points their fingers to them they need to understand the reproductive cycle of violence that keeps going on and on.

I agree with you that our so-called Haitian child abuse if that does exist is much different as compared to the American's model of child abuse which always involves rape, sexual assault or sexual molestation and severe corporal punishments.

What we needs to do is to open reeducation centers all throughout the country and having some people retrained our mothers so the reproductive cycle of violence on children as inherited from the former French White masters and well tolerated in Haiti by the new masters of Haiti (the top 5 richest families in Haiti).

Tiba, if we can still talk about child abuse on children it is because Haiti has no leadership in terms of educating others to do good things for their country.

Remember, they do not teach civism?

As you said, it is not a new topic nor and old topic either and all we need to do is to help them eradicate this problem in Haiti.

Many Haitians are suffering from Post Traumatic Disorder Problem related to the slavery of our former ancestors as well as from the new slavery (poverty) under the new masters of Haiti with the Mevs Family and others.

Let's hope we can find a solution to this problem.

I agree with 100% that Haitian children are the most well behaved children in most American schools as compared to any other minorities in the Unite States.

I will help Haiti in the future on those problems, for my educational background will allow me to do so. You take care brother!

Toulimen, August 10 2010, 9:13 PM

Topic: Stop Child Abuse in Haiti

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Tiba, last time you argued in one of your post about the effects of poverty on Haitian people and the consequences... read more >
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