Dude, I do not know who you are and do not care to know...

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I do not know who you are and do not care to know. Perhaps you should read and re-read my post again and again.

There is nothing in there that suggests that I am a College Prof.
Second of all, Where did you get the idea that I am an old woman in my 60's?

Even if I were a woman in my 60's, why should that be an impediment to you?

The old double standard again: You would not despise a man because he is old?

would you?

then Why a woman?

Like I said archaic ideologies.

Anyone who would say to anyone: that it is late, come to see me, as usual and I will pay for your cab fare. Don't you see the implied insult there?

There is a common thread of disrespecting women on this blog. I, personally will not stand for it.
I have NEVER been on Welfare, not for even a day in my life. Even if I were, that would have been my own business.

You brought the old class system-maid ideology again.

If a woman is young, she is a prostitute.

If she is old, she must be is a maid. your exhibiting the old bird-brain mentality.

Now, who is a macoutist?

If I were crass like you, I would have told you that:
I own my business, and is doing well, thank you
People who truly know me, know that I always have a leave-in maid
Yes, even outside of Haiti -- I love a clean house and freshly laundered clothes but I hate to do it myself.

Not even in your dreams that you will NEVER acquired my economic standing
As far as my English is concerned, you are just parroting somebody who barely can speak English himself.

Get your own idea, if you can that is.

If you are using this blog to get exposure for you and your Montesori, you are deadly wrong.

As I am not responding to a loser like you.
You do not even understand that your Montesori is a public figure want-to-be.
He is and will be subject himself to public opinion, good or bad. You and his entourage can't protect him, good or bad. You and Montesori better get used to it. Or he should remove himself from public eye.
This is very naive of you to think that you can refrain the public from criticizing a public figure person.

If you want to be part of the game, you MUST first understand it.
Having said that. I must also said that I am not advocating for any political parties or person.

I simply think that Montesori is far from being the candidate that Haiti needs.

If you truly believe your Montesori had a chance, how come you are not hitting the street of New York, Massachusetts and other places that you professed to know with pamphlets, T-shirts, pens and other apparatus to convince the public that Haiti needs Montesori?

It is a lot easier to antagonize the bloggers with armchairs expertise, is not it?

Your empty threats are exactly that; EMPTY and meaningless
You forced me to say something else. Preval has much better class and much more refined than your polyester- suit- and pay-less shoes Montesori.

Forget Montesori's ideologies, they are all barrow and halo, none of them are his. He is a little parrot.

just like you.
P.S. I will never answer your blogs after this one. There is nothing else that you can tell me.
Find better pasture man, this one ain't working.

Bernadette S.

Bernadette S, May 9 2010, 3:52 PM

Topic: Montresor 2011 Addresses the 2010 Presidential Election.

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Dude, I do not know who you are and do not care to know. Perhaps you should read and re-read my post again and again... read more >
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