Undoubtedly, you are a die hard fan of Montresor's. or if not...

Berbadette S - May 9 2010, 10:26 AM

Undoubtedly, you are a die hard fan of Montresor's. or if not Montresor himself! I have already seen what is in that bird-brain of yours: NOTHING.

This old notion that if one is a female, one MUST be a prostitute IS archaic and so is Montresor's ideologies.

It looks like He picked up a C grade book on 'HOW TO CAMPAIGN 101" from a Community College professor who must write a book to get tenure.

As far as your pretending to know me, I do not think so. I only mingle with progressive minded people and you are NOT one of them.
Disrespecting Montresor?

What planet are you leaving on?

A politician and a self-serving one like Montresor deserves no respect.

Public figures or wannabees subject themselves to the public.

They can say almost whatever they want. Learn from Obama's blogs or articles relating to him to see how he is being ridiculed.

Obama as a seasoned politician knows the rope. He lets nothing or nobody roughed his feathers.

That is the sign of a TRUE politician: TOUGHNESS.

If Montresor or his entourge does not like what I said about, it is too damn bad.
Bernadette S.

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