Bernadette, do not waste your time arguing with those...

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Bernadette, do not waste your time arguing with those brainless people.

Those truck and taxi drivers have no respect for educated Haitian women.

They think that they are living in Haiti and they can perpetuate their machismo system.

They have no respect at all for women and women's rights mean nothing for them. One day, I believe it Haitian women will be respected at all levels, for the Haitian patriarchal system will come to an end. We have a country with a Mediated Sovereignty since 1915 and no one seems to question that. We have fought against France to be occupied by the United States under a ferocious Protectorate which allows the United States to intervene when social order or the current status quo is under attack.

Cuba was liberated in 1902 and it was given a Platt Amendment which was a Protectorate like the one the Haitian government signed in 1915. After six decades, the Cuban Revolution triumphed and they eliminated the American Protectorate over Cuba. Puerto Rico ended its Protectorate in 1952 and it created its own commonwealth to associate it with the United States under this label "Free Associated States with the United States.

Trujillo ended the American Protectorate by paying down its national debts and reclaimed Dominican's sovereignty rights.

Haiti is the only country in the region that is under the American Protectorate and we all believe that Haiti is sovereign and independent.

Do not waste your time again arguing with those stupid ok. You are a bright educated woman and your posting can talk for you. Stay away from those dudes ok.

Jean-bas, May 10 2010, 3:44 AM

Topic: Montresor 2011 Addresses the 2010 Presidential Election.

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Bernadette S, 8-May-10 11:14 pm
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Lalanne, 9-May-10 12:56 am
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Berbadette S, 9-May-10 10:26 am
Get your facts and understanding before you formulate your opinion. Only a pervert will read the content of my last... read more >
Lalane, 9-May-10 2:42 pm
Hello Bernadette, Do you see why our country is where it is now: everything is reduced to one thing: SEX. The main... read more >
Ayisyenpatriyot, 9-May-10 2:56 pm
Dude, I do not know who you are and do not care to know. Perhaps you should read and re-read my post again and again... read more >
Bernadette S, 9-May-10 3:52 pm
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Lalane, 9-May-10 5:35 pm
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Jp, 10-May-10 1:20 am
Bernadette, do not waste your time arguing with those brainless people. Those truck and taxi drivers have no respect... read more >
Jean-bas, 10-May-10 3:44 am
Let other bs people follow you and your questionable link. I will not clik on your link.Your trap will not... read more >
Jp Master, 10-May-10 3:46 am
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