Get your facts and understanding before you formulate your...

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Get your facts and understanding before you formulate your opinion.

Only a pervert will read the content of my last writing and conclude that I am looking for commercial sex with you. This is a vicious accusation.

That show me if you were associated with a dictatorial and repressive government in Haiti, you would be worst than Madame Max Aldophe.

That show you have the macoutique mentality.

You wrongfully associated me with Candidate Montresor and at the same time accused him of being the author of my writing.

I don't know Mr. Montresor.

I have no commitment for those candidates.

I just remind you on my last blog that you should have been more deferential to him regardless of what he stands for. I think that I am entitled to my opinion and more important everybody are entitled to my opinion since Montresor is a Public figure whether you like it or not.
To return to your sexual fixation, I don't think such activity would have been an option because you are a very old woman in your early 60's, not even a sex starving like Jean Claude Duvalier will want to have an affair with you. Furthermore, I don't pay for sex because I am good. Women are chasing me in Brookline, Massachusetts and those women will not hire you as their made because you are not qualifying enough.

I invited you to my house because I want someone to clean my house.

I will pay you off the book to supplement your welfare check but you think the word taxi means something else. Since you are homely looking, I thought that I could sneak you in my house after 2 A.M. when most people went to sleep and get you out before 5 A.M. or after 11A.M. to save me some embarrassment with the fine looking women that live in the building.

You boast yourself as a college professor.

This is ludicrous.

Look at the quality of your writing and the way you express yourself.

You are just above Mike Tyson level of writing.

To conclude, I urge you to pay respect and utmost deference to any candidate that come on this blog in the future.

If you fail to do so, I will riposte in kind.
Learn how to respect other.

Lalane, May 9 2010, 2:42 PM

Topic: Montresor 2011 Addresses the 2010 Presidential Election.

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Bernadette S, 8-May-10 11:14 pm
Bernadette ou se timoune ki gain madichon. Ou pa kab derespecter gnou gros gran moune tan kou Montresor. Anyway what's... read more >
Lalanne, 9-May-10 12:56 am
Undoubtedly, you are a die hard fan of Montresor's. or if not Montresor himself! I have already seen what is in that... read more >
Berbadette S, 9-May-10 10:26 am
Get your facts and understanding before you formulate your opinion. Only a pervert will read the content of my last... read more >
Lalane, 9-May-10 2:42 pm
Hello Bernadette, Do you see why our country is where it is now: everything is reduced to one thing: SEX. The main... read more >
Ayisyenpatriyot, 9-May-10 2:56 pm
Dude, I do not know who you are and do not care to know. Perhaps you should read and re-read my post again and again... read more >
Bernadette S, 9-May-10 3:52 pm
To B.S You might be related to Madame Max Aldophe. I am going to find out if she had daughters since you and her look... read more >
Lalane, 9-May-10 5:35 pm
Lalane, you sound like a jerk little boy. Fallow me at Soon, you will be TOO OLD,Lalane. You are just plain SUCKER for... read more >
Jp, 10-May-10 1:20 am
Bernadette, do not waste your time arguing with those brainless people. Those truck and taxi drivers have no respect... read more >
Jean-bas, 10-May-10 3:44 am
Let other bs people follow you and your questionable link. I will not clik on your link.Your trap will not... read more >
Jp Master, 10-May-10 3:46 am
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