Reform and Democracy for the New Haiti To Occur

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Statu Quo is unacceptable
Mulatto merchant elites are criminals and they are Haiti's destroyers in many areas of life
Foreign investment is needed to replace the economic elites of Haiti
Competition is needed to stop mulatto merchants' hidden crimes
Corruption will end, for there will be no family members within the Haitian administration to divert funds to enrich them...

The international community should ask mulatto merchants to give 50% of their wealth to help with the reconstruction of Haiti...

Ask them to sign contract to get rid of kidnapping and corruption
Ask them to apologize to Haitian people for money laundering and stolen public funds of $4 billion through U.S. Aid over the past 20 years...

For race reconciliation and forgiveness, they should accept all of the above otherwise they would be sorry...

Eliane P. Alcindor, April 2 2010, 12:58 AM

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