Francoise P. Lescouflair and the Self-Enriching Elites of Haiti

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Self-Enriching Elites Through The Haitian Public Institutions Kill Democracy In Haiti
We cannot have democracy in a country where the elites place their daughters and sons to work as technocrats in all Haiti's public institutions to enrich their families.

All the so-called technocrats should leave the Haitian public institutions now. Technocrats equal mulattoes and mulattoes are thieves and that is why they are hiding in Haiti.

Mulattoes are the true thieves in Haiti and their French colonist fathers were stealing money during the French colonization.

Mulattoes are thieves and crooks by nature in Haiti.

Mulattoes made Haiti become the poorest country for enriching their families through money laundering within all Haiti's public institutions.

Mulattoes cannot drive in regular cars, for they are thieves and as thieves they must hide themselves.

Mulattoes are circulated in blinded cars and tinted windows which cost a lot of money.

We should kick them out inside all Haitian public institutions to reform and liberate Haiti to end puppet presidency.

Piga yo fout bay gouvennman Ayiti yon peni pou vole sa yo pa jwenn yon santim pou yo vole. Mulattoes are symbol of shame and humiliation in Haiti.

They made Haiti the poorest country and they should pay a price for their mismanagement of Haiti...

Francoise P. Lescouflair

Lescouflair, March 29 2010, 3:47 AM

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