Hi, Tiba: You can believe whatever you want about the HARRP...

Rintintin - February 18 2010, 10:08 AM

Hi, Tiba:

You can believe whatever you want about the HARRP technology but it seems to me that there is something you don't understand.

That same technology has been used also to look for oil. That's why, Mrs Laurent, our "natif natal" haitian speculated that drilling for oil might have caused the earthquake in Haiti.

The article mentioned also the fact that scientists know very well that oil drilling can cause earthquake.

It's why residents of California demanded that authorities were very careful not to create earthquakes when they started to prospect for oil in that state.

No one is suggesting that the US targeted Haiti vountarily but it is possible they involuntarily caused the earthquake in Haiti.

I hope that you will keep your mind open to this possibility.

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