Rintintin, I do understand perfectly what's being said...

Tiba - February 18 2010, 10:37 AM


I do understand perfectly what's being said, however, if anyone would use "critical thinking" theory to look into that assertion, we would all agree this theory is loaded with flaws.

Please hear me out and think hard before you grb me by the throat.

If that theory/assertion/logic was true, one would ask him/herself, why would that be true for Haiti and not for the entire Middle East region, which has been drilling oil for the past century.

I cannot recall of any earthquake that ever hit any of those nations in any recent memories.

If that argument had any merit, I don't think there would be one single country still standing in the Middle East and in the Arabian region.

Haiti is located right in the earthquake belt and always subjected to earthquake catastrophy, and beside there is no oil drilling on the coast of Haiti that I am aware about.

When Haiti got hit with the most devastating eartquake in 1742, was there any oil drilling going on?

I am relying here on the "cause and effect" theory to support my argument and not to be a pain. Unless these scientists can prove to me and to the world where this has happened before in terms of "oil drilling" caused earthquake then I am sticking to my argument.

Sorry, but I need proof and evidence that support their theory.

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