I have a lot of respect for Francois Duvalier, but I do not...

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I have a lot of respect for Francois Duvalier, but I do not think that we need that same Duvalier that used to torture and kill political prisoners.

We need that good side of Duvalier that preserved Haitian cultural interests when he was in power.

That good side that made others overseas to have respect for all Haitians.

That good side of Duvalier that had a good social program that he could not implement with the mulatto executives within the Haitian public institutions.

We do not need macoutes anymore, for they are the same with Chimeres and Lespwa fellowers.

We do not need to revive those horrible moments of the evil side of Duvalier.

He killed so many mulattoes and dark skinned Haitians that disagreed with him and many of our political leaders after Duvalier did the same and others continue to do the same. I will not kill a person because he does not agree with me. That is why Haiti is in this situation.

We must accept the others' ideas although they disagree with us. They have the rights to voice their opinion.

We must welcome bad and good ideas so we can advance the Haitian causes.

I admire the good side of Francois Duvalier, but I reject with all my heart his evil side. That is not the kind of person we need for the new Haiti.

I missed all those political leaders killed under the Duvaliers'regimes, Namphy, Trouillot, Jonassaint, Avril, Manigat, Aristide and Preval's regimes to name a few. If I were to be president in Haiti, I would create a museum for all those killed people so Haitian could stop killing others.

I would create a Council of Former Haitian Presidents to teach them democracy rules and I would welcome their ideas as well. I believe that they are all transformed with their exile lifestyles overseas and they have regrets for their bad governance in Haiti as well.

It is the time to forget and forgive, for God wants all to be one people and there is a reason for anything said King Solomon.

The reason that we have Kidnappers and zinglindos (under Salomon we had Zinglins)is that we do not have surveillance all over the country and we have destroyed the model that Duvalier had implemented.

Here in the U.S. we are praising the Councilmen and Councilwomen, Assemblymen and Assemblywomen and in Haiti they were Chef Quartier, Chouket Larouze, President De Quartier and Prefets, Chefs De Section.

Where are they?

They were watching over the country and everyone knows everyone.

We have eliminated those positions and we have replaced them with nothing.

We have no responsible leaders my friend that is why we have all those problems there.

It takes good and responsible leaders to manage a country.

Leaders without vision cannot manage Haiti.

They will always steal and kill to cling to power.

We need leaders with good vision and society projects to manage Haiti.

I am telling you if I were in power I would ask all those political parties to submit their society projects before I register their party.

If I realize that they have same society project I will group them under one unbrella to reduce their number.

Even those deputies and senators that we had before the earthquake did not know how to reduce those stupid political parties.

They were there to fix that mess, but they did nothing to solve it. We need a better president that can embody the good side of Duvalier added with other good components to truly create a democratic society in Haiti.

One day, we will have that person.

We need more than Duvalier...

Mathieu Derisse, February 5 2010, 10:36 PM


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