Thank you Zac, I am happy that you think that way. I can tell...

Johanna - January 28 2010, 2:01 PM

Thank you Zac,
I am happy that you think that way. I can tell that you are a very educated person.

As to Dominican denying their African roots your right.

Let me explain i dont know what's wrong with Africa but no one wants to be associated with them including Dominicans.

That is because people for many years have associated the color black with something ugly or dirty.

I agree with you on many things and i'm sorry to say it but "Caribeno" is one ignorant Dominican.

We really need more people like you and less like him. I guess they're ignorant people everywhere.

I know the Dominican Republic is not perfect but i love that island like you cant imagine because it gave me everything.

I understand your love for Haiti.

Just like it hurts you to hear or read hurtful things about your country, I feel the same way. :)

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