Good morning Johana, it was really nice reading your sensible...

Zac - January 29 2010, 7:15 AM

Good morning Johana, it was really nice reading your sensible response.

You are a voice of reason.

Racism is a problem that exists in every country, including Haiti.

I'm the type of person that just cannot sit idly by while someone discriminates against another.

It doesn't have to be racism against blacks, I would be against it too if it were against white.

Where I live people often make fun of Mexicans I've never once participated in it because I know it's wrong.

Unfortunately Haitians are one of the most hated and discriminated against people in the world being a black majority and poor is terrible hand to deal to any country, God dealt that hand to us Haitians, I never understood why but after watching the way Haitians handled themselves after this earthquake I now understand why.

Despite a lack of leadership from the Haitian government, my people have proven themselves to be very resilient.

I remember watching CNN and seeing a woman with a couple of other guys carrying a coffin in the cemetery and I know that takes incredible strength.

That same incredible strength will help us overcome our problems.

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Thank you Zac, I am happy that you think that way. I...


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