Tiba i do agree that Dominicans can be racist. I wasn't raised...

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Tiba i do agree that Dominicans can be racist.

I wasn't raised in the Dominican Republic but my mother was raised there and i go every summer.

I've lived in New York, Dominican Republic (1 year to be exact), and St. Thomas (where i currently live and i'll assure you that in those countries besides the Dominican Republic Haitians were discrimated and ridiculed.

I guess since the Dominican Republic is closest to Haiti you are only aware of their attacks.

As to the Dominican Republic eing the most racist island in the Caribbean i have to disagree.

Puerto Ricans are and i say this because i was born in Pueto Rico (even though i have Dominican parents) and because i am darker i get discriminated by them being their own kind. I know Dominicans may be very racist but think about it other countries are to. I guess the only reason you have such bad feelings towards the Dominican Republic and Dominicans is because you're from Haiti and Haitians are mistreated in my country.

Just like if you were a Mexican you would hate the US because Mexicans are treated really harshly in the US. Read about that redneck deputy that kills and exploits Mexicans in the US. I dont think i can change your opinion because you seem like a solid human being, but i just want you to think about the Haitians situation in the Dominican Republic the way i just explained.


Johanna, January 28 2010, 1:52 PM

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Earl Wheby Jr, 27-Jan-10 3:43 pm
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Johanna, 27-Jan-10 4:12 pm
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Tiba, 27-Jan-10 5:34 pm
Hello Johanna, I don't hate Dominicans, I don't hate people because of their nationality or skin color. With that... read more >
Zac, 27-Jan-10 7:15 pm
Tiba i do agree that Dominicans can be racist. I wasn't raised in the Dominican Republic but my mother was raised... read more >
Johanna, 28-Jan-10 1:52 pm
Thank you Zac, I am happy that you think that way. I can tell that you are a very educated person. As to Dominican... read more >
Johanna, 28-Jan-10 2:01 pm
Hi Tiba, hi everyone. I see that you and ohers in this forum talk a lot about ignorance, racism, african roots, etc... read more >
Ajmonegro, 28-Jan-10 3:16 pm
Good morning Johana, it was really nice reading your sensible response. You are a voice of reason. Racism is a problem... read more >
Zac, 29-Jan-10 7:15 am
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