Johana, I wish I was wrong and plain ignorant on this one...

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I wish I was wrong and plain ignorant on this one.

Johana if you were raised outside of Dominican Republican, maybe you are not aware of brainwashing Truillo did to Dominicans to believe that they are all "whites" regardless whether they are dark skin, light skin, or just white skin.

It is well documented and I am NOt making this up.

And if you were raised in Dominican Republic and pretend that is a pure lie, or I'm making this up, well, my dear I would say that you are in denial or your don't know much about your country.

Just because you, personally, may be different from the rest doesn't mean that Dominicans don't think of themselves as being whites and feeling more superior than Haitians.

If you knew the history of your country and of your people well, you would know and agree that Dominicans have a profound hatred and resentment for Haitians.

Do some research!

Now, since you seem to be a different Dominican, maybe you might be able to educate the rest of them to stop all of that hatred and resntment for Haitians because we cannot erase history.

We can only learn from history, from the past, and grow from it and making sure that it doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately, Dominicans don't seem to be able to go pass what happened century ago.

Even the caveman knows that Dominicans are the most racists people in the entire caribbean, Puerto ricans come in second.

And this is why Puerto Ricans and Dominicans can't get along with each other.

Tiba, January 27 2010, 5:34 PM

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Johana, I wish I was wrong and plain ignorant on this one. Johana if you were raised outside of Dominican Republican... read more >
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Zac, 29-Jan-10 7:15 am
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