Is Haiti will be able to stand back Again?

Malan - January 23 2010, 3:20 PM

The only way Haiti will get back again if:
a) President Preval concern about his people by lifting the so call Monopole, let everybody participate in the Re-construction of Haiti, DO NOT tell us So and So has the Monopole to bring and sale Cement, Rice ect, to make and sale anything in Haiti only one groupe of people is profiting in Haiti for more than 100 years because the government help them (Piyage) the country President Himself can call any Country and ask for 20 tons cement, rice poultry ect;so the people do not have to buy anything on blackmarket So Haiti need some competions

Mr President We the Diasporas Berging you to lift the so call Monopole We love Haiti
those people Do not like Haiti every money they made it goes to Swiss Bank or State It is time for you to see that. We the Diasporas have been supported Haiti for longtime We are not going to take money and run ;one business will lead to an other We will invest in haiti; in 1996 I have a Korean friend who went with me to Haiti to invest the Government and the 5% who control haiti discourage him and lost all of his money.

It is a shame to see for more 200 years we are in such condition;Mr President, Senators, Congress and all the Diplomats You guys travel all over the World you can see how People leaves make your Country better for Tourist to come and your grand kids

Haiti needs Competition

Thank you

Concern Diaspora

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