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CNN: Aristide answers to our call to go help the needy Hatians in this time of need. We are given ourselves 72 hours to declare all other former presidents who do not answer our emergency call anti-patriotic former presidents.

Thank you Dr. Aristide, you can return now. Simply join the Global Initiative leads by former U.S. president Clinton to coordinate your aid package relief from South Africa to Haiti.

You should return to Haiti to evaluate all damages and take pictures for our drastic campaign reforms on behalf of Haiti.

I wish Dr. Duvalier would not let our call pass under silence.

It is the time to help and if you let that opportunity pass under silence, you will be done and doomed to failure.

It is not the time to hate, but it is the time for love and forgiveness, for Haitian people were brainwashed by 2% mulatto hardliners within the Administration of Doublure to take the streets to ask for you to leave.

All of you were out on behalf of this group and you were all victims no matter how hard you had tried to save Haiti.

You all should join the Clinton Global Initiative to help now. With no hatred, I am asking you to greet each other and start forming The Council of Former Haitian Presidents to set up an international government to manage Haiti in this time of need, for Preval management fails at all levels.

Preval should join the council as a member as well. Haiti should be governed by the Council of Former Haitian Presidents until further notice.

Please again answer this call immediately, for 98% of Haitians (1% of mulattos of goodwill and 97% of dark skinned Haitians) are waiting for your help. You have the majority on your side, and what you are waiting for?

Mathieu Derisse, January 15 2010, 7:11 AM

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