Montresor 2011 Sent Letter to President Preval

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Intent Letter Sent to President Rene G. Preval by Montresor 2011.

My Fellow Patriots and Friends,

As we countdown to the 2010 elections, on Monday, December 14, 2009 I have taken further action by doing the right thing and that is to fight for the destiny of the country as we believe in.

And as a member of the Diasporas I've decided to go through our Haitian consulate general office in the United States for proper leadership protocol and open transparency of the debate to submit my letter of intent to run for the Presidency of Haiti in the 2010-2011 election.

I've also requested exemptions from the Constitution by Rene G. Preval, CEP, and other Executive branches of government.

My letter submitted to President Rene G. Preval is serving as a petition requesting of him to officially announce by Executive Order, amend, and write an exemption that will settle or openly debate this issue with the Haitian people, CEP, Parliament (government officials) to come up with proper resolutions of my Presidential candidacy.

The original letter was sent with a copy via certified mail tracking numbers 70083230000217159028 to the office of the general Haitian consulate here in the United States to Mr. Lesly Condé, consul general in Chicago who will then forward it to President Preval.

Please call, write letters, emails to the Haitian embassies, internet media, radio stations, Tv stations, news papers, government officials in your area for further development in response to the action taken or not taken by the Haitian government concerning my requests submitted to President Rene G. Preval.

Fellow patriots, now is the time to beat the iron while it is hot so get involved because I seriously need your help and solidarity to move forward as I fight for Anew Haiti in 2011.

Remember if we (Haitians) believe wrong we will support wrong and end up with wrong results, let us believe and support "right leadership" on behalf of Haiti's future this time around for the "right results" A historic 21st century vision.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010; by this time next year I will address you as President elect with strong, intelligent leadership!!

Feel free to forward this letter to your friends and families in Haiti, and around the world.

Thank you and may God Bless!
For financial contributions and signature votes, please contact
montresor2011 at or visit my website .wmv

Montresor 2011, December 17 2009, 6:28 PM

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