Oh, Lord, please help Haiti! I was listening to Montresor's...

Tiba - December 17 2009, 7:53 PM

Oh, Lord, please help Haiti!

I was listening to Montresor's historic speech with my dog. All of a sudden, the dog got up and started barking at the monitor with great frustration and then walked away. I then realized how painful it was for the dog listening to Montresor struggling to deliver the speech.

I thought it was the best speech of the decades, and but my dog disagreed.

Have you guys noticed the monument behind Montresor and his wife?

It is the Oral Roberts University.

Oral Roberts just died a couple of days ago as we know it. Oral Robert was one of the most tv evangilist extremist right wing conservative republican of the decade.

Tell me what's wrong with this picture?

Back to the future president of Haiti.

I don't know about any of you, but as I saw it, Montresor can barely read and he can barely talk, but these are the kinda leaders Haiti is used to.

Anyways, let's ask ourselves some important questions:

1) Why would any intelligent person would declare his/her candidacy for president of Haiti in the middle of the bushes in a foreign land standing outside struggling to read a speech in a windy day to the passing cars?

2) Why would any intelligent person who is running for president in Haiti spend all of his/her time campaigning in the US and Canada, where Haitians have no voting power, instead in the country he/she wants to be president of?

The diaspora has no voting power in Haitian politics.

3) I tried my best trying to understand the petition Montresor made to Preval and cannot get it. Is he asking Preval to accept his candidacy for president or does he want Preval to exempt his diaspora status so he can run for president?

4) Why did Montresor anounce his candidacy for president of Haiti standing in front of Oral Robert University.

5) Is Montresor in line to force or doctrinating Oral Robert's religious extremism philosophy and idiology down the throat of the Haitian people?

Can someone please help me to understand what this incompetent and mediocre Montresor just presented to us?


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