I think those of you who are pushing for Stanley Lucas should...

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I think those of you who are pushing for Stanley Lucas should be very careful.

It is so sad how, after all the lies they've been told, Haitians still just believe an individual's rhetoric rather than actually looking at the person's real record.

I am not saying that you should not support Lucas, I'm just saying lets not continue to make the same mistakes of the past. Let's stop listening for a while and lets start reading this man's real record.

For example: what does it mean that Lucas is part of the IRI. The IRI is a fundamentally republican-dominated institution.

Although not openly stated, most of its members are christian fundamentalist who will go to great lengths to squash civil liberties that don't fit into their religious fanatic agenda.

What we should be doing is really investigating all our candidates motives and past history.

Who is funding them is often a good way to find out who they are. We Haitians are again just looking at the surface and therefore will have the same results that we've always have.

Linda, December 15 2009, 1:16 AM

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To everyone and no one in particular! The way I see it from the bottom of my little tiny weeny heart, if Stanley Lucas... read more >
Tiba, 10-Dec-09 8:45 pm
Tiba, you are absolutely correct about Lucas so why don't you give a sugested person for president? read more >
Voum Voum To Haiti, 10-Dec-09 9:28 pm
Voum Voum, I have suggested Charles Baker who won and lost in 2006 for president in 2011. However, as you already... read more >
Tiba, 11-Dec-09 7:09 am
I like Stanley. He is so cool. The New York Times portrayed him as the Denzel Washington of Haiti. Clotilde read more >
Clotilde C., 12-Dec-09 1:06 am
Mwen renmen Stanley Lucas ampil. Misye se yon neg ki genyen ampil karakte, misye kompetan, misye komprann Ayiti byen... read more >
Fortune Saintobin, 14-Dec-09 10:00 am
Mwen panse ke Charles Baker ta kapab yon bon premye minis pou Stanley Lucas paske you tou 2 panse menm jan. Mwen... read more >
Carline Volel, 14-Dec-09 10:11 am
I think those of you who are pushing for Stanley Lucas should be very careful. It is so sad how, after all the lies... read more >
Linda, 15-Dec-09 1:16 am
I believe Stanley Lucas can be a great president. The guy is smart, young and I like his vision for the country... read more >
Ti Gerard, 16-Dec-09 4:44 pm
I love Stanley Lucas. I admire what he's doing for his fellow countrymen after the earthquake. Stanley Lucas is a... read more >
Mario Saint Jean, 23-Jan-10 1:05 am
Stanley Lucas? LMFAO! Haiti is so done with your Duvalier-type puppets. Journalist Max Blumenthal said of Lucas... read more >
Gonaives, 23-Jan-10 12:47 pm
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