Who or what somebody picks/chooses to marry/date it's none of...

Tiba - December 15 2009, 5:23 AM

Who or what somebody picks/chooses to marry/date it's none of my business.

In fact, I think an individual has the whole God's given right to marry a light skin or a dark skin, a white, black, Asian, Spanish, African, a dog, a chicken, a cat, etc..


if indeed that's what he/she prefers.

After all, love is blind.

Wasn't the Duvaliers light skin?

Didn't Jean-Claude Duvalier marry a mulatress (Michelle Bennett)?

Wasn't Sadras a grimo?

etc. etc...

My beef with Preval has nothing to do with the person he has chosen to marry.

It has to do with the fact that he used public funds to get married in secret with the knowledge of the nation.

As head of state, he is accountable to his people to the nation.

The people cannot wake up one morning and have their president introducing a woman to them as wife and say to them here's your "first lady" and expect the nation to accept that.

This is a flagrant lack of respect and consideration for his people and to the nation.

It was his duty, his obligation to tell the nation that he was going to get married in such and sucha day but nothing fancy.

It will be just between him and his bride with a few invited guests, etc..


and his wife will be so and so who will be your first lady.

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