To everyone and no one in particular! The way I see it from...

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To everyone and no one in particular!

The way I see it from the bottom of my little tiny weeny heart, if Stanley Lucas can be president, the caveman can make even a much better president in Haiti.

The caveman just has to speak a lot of "francais" and know how to blow a lot of "hot air."

Speaking a little bit of French is enough to qualify anyone to be president of Haiti according to Haitian voter's mentality.

Majority of the population cannot read and write, and yet, they go gaga over candidates who can speak French.

And that is a really sad situation and so sad it's getting absurd.

This is something that I can never get from Haitian voters, their reasons for voting/supporting a candidate.

There has been lately a lot of hot air blowing in favor of Stanley Lucas on this blog, and yet, not one Haitian can give a list of what this cronie has ever accomplished for his country, Haiti.

Surrounding himslef with all of his masters does not qualify him for president.

I, personally, don't know much about the guy, but the very little that know about Stanley Lucas is that he is an "uncle Tom, a house slave" who is pushing the agenda of his masters all around the world for his own personal interest.

He works for the UN as an enforcer making sure the rules/demands/policy of the UN being enforced to the fullest without any regard and consideration for human integrity and human dignity.

Some of you would say, yes but he held many government posts and that qualify him for president, really?

What has he done for Haiti?

What kind of changes did he bring in Haiti?

How did he use his office to change lives in Haiti, the country, etc...etc...

that is worth talking about?

People, stop electing candidates for president just because that person kon-n pale franse, oubyen mou-n sa-a se yon gwo orate.

Stanley Lucas is just another Uncle Ton a House Slave who would do just the same if not worse as all of the previous ones before him, and that is pleasing the master.

There is no difference between Aristide, Preval, and Lucas.

All three are from the same mold. All three are selfish and opportunist bastards who care only about themselves and not giving a rat a** about Haiti.

If there was a "selfish/opportunist" competition between Aristide, Preval, and Stanley Lucas, I think there would be a draw.

All three share the common traits charateristic of incompetence and mediocrity.

Tiba, December 10 2009, 8:45 PM

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To everyone and no one in particular! The way I see it from the bottom of my little tiny weeny heart, if Stanley Lucas... read more >
Tiba, 10-Dec-09 8:45 pm
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Voum Voum To Haiti, 10-Dec-09 9:28 pm
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Tiba, 11-Dec-09 7:09 am
I like Stanley. He is so cool. The New York Times portrayed him as the Denzel Washington of Haiti. Clotilde read more >
Clotilde C., 12-Dec-09 1:06 am
Mwen renmen Stanley Lucas ampil. Misye se yon neg ki genyen ampil karakte, misye kompetan, misye komprann Ayiti byen... read more >
Fortune Saintobin, 14-Dec-09 10:00 am
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Carline Volel, 14-Dec-09 10:11 am
I think those of you who are pushing for Stanley Lucas should be very careful. It is so sad how, after all the lies... read more >
Linda, 15-Dec-09 1:16 am
I believe Stanley Lucas can be a great president. The guy is smart, young and I like his vision for the country... read more >
Ti Gerard, 16-Dec-09 4:44 pm
I love Stanley Lucas. I admire what he's doing for his fellow countrymen after the earthquake. Stanley Lucas is a... read more >
Mario Saint Jean, 23-Jan-10 1:05 am
Stanley Lucas? LMFAO! Haiti is so done with your Duvalier-type puppets. Journalist Max Blumenthal said of Lucas... read more >
Gonaives, 23-Jan-10 12:47 pm
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