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Voum Voum,

I have suggested Charles Baker who won and lost in 2006 for president in 2011. However, as you already know, majority of Haitians do have a profound hatred for a white person to be president in Haiti.

After all, the damage done to Haiti by the so-called Black/dark skin Haitians is so beyond recognition what worse can a white Haitian president do to the country?

It could maybe more beneficial for Haiti to have a white Haitian president since the master(white people) respond/interact/and cooperate better with their own kind. Let's recognize that the skin color of Charles Baker as president of Haiti can be a big advantage that will open more doors and bigger doors on the international stage for Haiti.

After all, regardless of the color of his skin, Charles Baker is as much Haitians as Preval, Aristide, Stanley Lucas, you, me, and everybody else, why should he be barred from the presidency based solely on his skin color?

Let it be known that I don't know Baker, I have never talked to him, and worse, I have never seen him in person other than what I saw and heard on the news. I know that he lives in Haiti, and I think he also owns businesses in Haiti, and he belongs to the elite/bougeois community.

He had a very good plan for Haiti, which was a very progressive plan when he won for president in 2006.

Beside, Haiti needs a well known member of the elite in the National Palace to rally the elite community to move Haiti forward because, as elite/bougeois, they understand each other.

After all, remember that the elite constitute one of the biggest abstacles against Haiti's progress.

It is time that Haitians embrass the old sayin "If you can't beat them, you join them" theory.

We cannot beat the elite thefore we need to join them for the sake of our country's welfare and progress.

It is time that Haitians move away from this moronic and idiotic concept of "Blackness(noirist) mentality and become an inclusive nation where all sons and daughters of Haiti become one and allow everyone to enjoy the same opportunity to occupy public office regardless of sink color, social and economic status for the sake of our country.

Let us get rid of our primitive way of thinking, the hatred, and all the moronic and idiotic rational/logical nonsense.

This is 2009, soon 2010 of the 21st century.

People and we need to get on board with the century.

Let us all ask ourselves the questions for example, what is more important to you?

Do you think it's more important to keep watching our country, Haiti, going down the toilet as long as it is a black dark skin Haitian in charge?

Or it is so important to you, to me, for the country, and for the Haitian people that our country, Haiti moves forward that you don't care what the skin collor of the president is as long as he/she has the qualification the passion, the admiration, the love, and the wisdom to get the job done?

Tiba, December 11 2009, 7:09 AM

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Mario Saint Jean, 23-Jan-10 1:05 am
Stanley Lucas? LMFAO! Haiti is so done with your Duvalier-type puppets. Journalist Max Blumenthal said of Lucas... read more >
Gonaives, 23-Jan-10 12:47 pm
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