Well, the U.S. always seems to have their favorite candidates...

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Well, the U.S. always seems to have their favorite candidates.

I am in NY and was involved with the last few elections.

In 1990 Marc Bazin was their candidate.

In 2000, the candidate of the Bush administration was Dumas Simeus, a successful Haitian American Businessman from Texas.

He was not allowed to run because he holds an American passport.

The constitution forbids Haitians that holds another nationality to run. According to many Haitians President Clinton's candidate is Wyclef Jean. He also holds a U.S. passport that would legally prevent him to run. The candidate of the United Nations is the spokesperson of the U.N. Secretary General, Michele Montas.

She is perceived in country as the voice of the occupier (MINUSTAH).

Aristide is using Chavez and his network ALBA to get back to power.

Haiti has a strong sense of nationalism because of their historic victory as slaves against France in 1804 becoming the first independent Black Country in the world.

The Haitians do not like the occupation of their country and the UN mission in Haiti is supporting corruption and antidemocratic forces.

Stanley Lucas is not supported by any of them. That's what I like. He is independent and he is Haitian.

Jean Michel Dardon, December 8 2009, 6:13 PM

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Well, the U.S. always seems to have their favorite candidates. I am in NY and was involved with the last few... read more >
Jean Michel Dardon, 8-Dec-09 6:13 pm
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Marlene Plaisimond, 9-Dec-09 5:17 pm
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Dieudonne Chery, 10-Dec-09 6:34 pm
The sad reality is that Stanley Lucas cannot be president of Haiti. The corrupt Haitian elite hates him because he is... read more >
Marie Denise, 10-Dec-09 7:51 pm
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