More Of My Plans For Haiti.

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By Wilgeens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg

1. Militarilization "Re-establishing and re-instituting the Haitian Armed Forces."

Incentives for military personels (Building bases, Military Residential Zones, Schools etc).


Obligatory from 18 - 48. (Civil Civic Duty Reforms).


Joint Border Patrol Conjunctures with the Dominican Republic when it comes to Customs, Migratory policing & Immigration.

2. Decentralization.


Build new departmental provincial infrastructures in other provincial zones, arrondissements and communes (Administrative, Scholar, Medical etc).


More employment opportunities away from main Urban large cities and capitals.

More developments in the Countryside of the nations first.


Developemental projects (Agricultural, Hotel & Tourism, Education, Roads among other additional social programs ect)

3. Regionalization.


Divide the entire Nation into 3 Departmental or zonal Governorship of governance and jurisdictions.

(Upper North, General Central & Lower South)


Establishing a Governortorial Budgetary Systems thus again for (North, Central & South).


Governors must report statuses, improvements and supplementary needs to the President of the Nation on specified periods.


Provide citizens with specified Identification Social Numbers per regions.

(Put into place regional tax laws, section tolling for each zones namely above, social benefits & incentives etc).


Allocating and disperse actual Law makers such Senators & Deputies) into the Zonal Departments they represent.

Example: Actually ordering such lawmakers to go on Official Governmental fact finding trips to those regions.

Better Reforms Such as:

_ Judiciary: Build more prisons, employ more law enforcement among other Civil Undercover Authority groups.

_ Legislative & Political: Dual nationality, Stricter measures, penalities and repercussions to combat corruption.

_ Joint governmental & privatization of nation's certain public offices.


_ Environmental Preservation & Protection: Tourism, Hotels, Parks and Recreation, forestation ect...

Quarterly Project Beautification (Regional competitions & governmental sponsored), Improve & re-enforce better diplomatic relations with DR on many aspects future or already existed ones ect...

That is why Decentralization and Regionalization is a must in that plan. It is to cover the bases specifically why I would encourage investors to invest deep in the Provincial sectors.

By Promoting tourism and improve the qualityof lives and infrastructure of those provinces first and foremost ever before the main urban capital cities as it would cost by far less money to do so anyways.

I feel people go where the jobs are and where social and administrative, scholar and medical means are available.

My other goal is to build up those Bordering Haitian-Dominican towns with modern day 21st century infrastructural capabilities.

I also have slight intentions of implementing a Population Growth Limitation Law into Haiti much like in China if ever my political ambitions were to ever bring me to the brink and desire of running for a candidature at the presidency.

Anyway, I am much more interested in being into something that has to do with the re-establishment of the Haitian Armed Forces to begin with. However, my aspirations seem to be gearing me toward such a goal; but given how I have seen those senators rejected many people on the premise of dual nationality issues in recent processes.

As much as I am in limbo with this concept of dual nationality...

I fear that as well if a reform for dual Nationality and Citizenship is not in effect any time soon in Haiti, such probability for me seems a moot one as it is a far fetched reality because they will always go into the technicalities of my mother and her mother being Dominican nationals.

Much like they did to Ericq Pierre and Robert Manuel in the recent Prime Minister issue Haiti had recently faced last year. Anyway, to go back to what I was saying above regarding the building up of the bordering towns and campaign:

__ This would aim to keep the migrants from going deeper into DR while both sides can benefit on this Custom Revenue by creating improved Duanas/Duanes ports for commercial trafficking trade flow to instill or retain many social and worker programs afloat on both sides.

__ I feel if we can keep the migratory issues at bay at the borders, this may aliviate the influx or exodus of Haitians heading into DR thus this may resolve the social issue burdens they represent to DR.

__ A Developmental & Infrastructural Project that would consist of "Drainage & Irrigation." As indeed it is a Public Health matter that such revenues from those specified areas of many social projects I have listed above can generate and which could be a conjuncture in work where both nations the DR and Haiti can start partaking into since they both get their drinking water source from the same River/Rio "D'artibonite - Artibonito."

P.S: There is a lot of work for Haiti's causes, and the causes are not at all simple with easy quick fixes.

However, starting somewhere is a must in almost whichever order one may chose to go about starting.

* As the above plans may vary further in junctions with more detailing aspects of other fundamental foundational changes that must arise, improve and be fixed as well. Although these implementations are not set in stones and can be debatable, but those are my platforms thus far. Whatever ideas many may have are their own and there could always be compromise I am sure.

P.S: When voicing your platform make sure it is not you trying to debase, bash and demean mine. As Haitians you all must know that where one's initiative ends could be where another begins.

Afrolatino, October 23 2009, 9:49 AM

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