Haiti - A Path To Hope Once Again.

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By Wilgëens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

The safety and the security of the Haitian people and their cities is very important.

For, Haiti's overall economical and social development depends and rely on a stable secure Nation.

Thus in all sense and effect, a better secure Haiti may contribute to the possible stability of the Country in whole politically.

Let us not be naive on this issue that the Country's very own politicians are invested in the insecurity challenges of the Country why it is such a complex matter to tackle and cater to in Haiti's case. It is of no surprises that most Haitians know of the greater threats the insecurity issue poses for Haiti's future.

As an insecure Haiti only creates fear and distrust among those Haitian residents who will feel that their Government cannot protect them giving leeway to neighboring Nations to make of Haiti the Catalyst Pariah, as well as an insecure Haiti only instills direct and indirectly a sense of neglect for Haiti in the hearts of Haitian diasporas living abroad to include in tourist visitors alike who may in fact could be prospect investors whom in return Haiti could very well benefit from. There are few incentives to invest, either economically or socially, in an unsafe Haiti, thus Haitians and their Government need to step up greatly.

Creating safer urban, communal and district neighborhood crime prevention programs is one way to disturb this negative feedback circle that weakens Haiti as to not be naive also to know that crime prevention efforts and the "Haitian Government must not neglect the deeper factors that create crime in the first placeâ€"lack of economic opportunities and weak social bonds between residents.


1. Built what most people consider to be the best rehabilitation institutions known to men which is to built more jails.

"If there are more rooms for them to rot in with the already corrupted and damaged Judicial system, they will think twice about committing the crimes."

2. Send out a strong signals to culprits, perpetrators and caught criminals and their accomplices and anyone directly or indirectly implicated that their crime will be severely punished.

"Involuntary closed-monitored Military service and while awaiting to be seeing by a judge if any time soon, Free forced labor will be implemented."

3. The launching of a multi-organized crime awareness prevention programs and campaigns in provide incentive awards to discreet informants who report any acts of violence.

"Creating a secret underground police force who themselves would be watched by others bigger secret police."

Maybe it is about time Haiti should have a President with some kind of social control backbone in the Country...

perhaps even as risky to say but hope it would not have to come to that -- rather this time around Haiti needs a kind of a Progressive Dictator to help bring about social order.

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Afrolatino, October 23 2009, 9:10 AM

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