Haiti ranks amongst the worst!

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Haiti comes in at 24th among top 30 "least livable" countries in the world in 2006 but could be higher now. It ranks 25th out of too 50 in poorest counties in the world! The better life in bankrupt USA could end soon for many from Haiti as immigration is planning massive sweeps of Haitin areas because of crime from Haitians including the Haitian who murdered 5 American children then caught a plane to Haiti.

It is worth it for Haitians to consider move now to Abaco island in the Bahamas where many illegal Haitians now live in an area known as The Mud which is better than being deported back into Haiti?

Earl Wheby Jr, October 20 2009, 3:44 AM

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Earl Wheby Jr, Last time you told Haitians to “to consider move now to Abaco island in the Bahamas” within 24HRS... read more >
Banjo, 20-Oct-09 9:28 am
Well Miss Wherby, or whatever the f*(^ your name is, first of those kids who were killed by the guys were not... read more >
Boje Lwijan, 20-Oct-09 11:09 am
As I understand it you are claiming there are Haitian professional football players who are millionaires and if so we... read more >
Earl Whby Jr, 20-Oct-09 12:37 pm
I am glad you brought this matter to my attention as we will deal with the authorities in the Bahamas when the time is... read more >
Your Future President, 20-Oct-09 12:40 pm
I WAS NOT CLAIMING SH*^ A-ho&*. I did not mention anything about Haitian athlets in football, either. Is somebody... read more >
Boje Lwijan, 20-Oct-09 3:54 pm
Thank you for your support my son. Haiti will have football team in the future and be playing U.S. universities and... read more >
E. Wheby Jr, 20-Oct-09 4:17 pm
Are you serious? First of allyou need to know who made up that list because about three years ago we made the list of... read more >
Cleo, 20-Oct-09 8:56 pm
The facts that exist in Haiti today are a matter of record. Unemployement is over 70% there is high crime and... read more >
Earl Wheby Jr, 21-Oct-09 3:07 am
Let me guess,you had cooked up that story about a voodoo priest calling our troops back to Haiti while fighting in the... read more >
Boje Lwijan, 21-Oct-09 9:22 am
My son I was not even born in 1915 when the U.S. invaded Haiti and the story is true that Haiti had a brilliant... read more >
Earl Wheby Jr, 21-Oct-09 9:56 am
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