Money Diaspora can't keep Haiti from Falling

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The country is NO WAY better than it was before diaspora used to spend all these money.

For example, around early 1980's there were not much diaspora, but Haiti was a better country in all kind of sense:Economically, safety, education, I mean ALL!.

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In the matter of act, you are speaking of the contrary, that because of idea of the Diaspora in Haitian people's mind is making Haiti poorer, because most Haitians who could have worked hard as they used to, they all now want to do one things, and that is go to other countries to get rich and go back to Haiti to show off...

I got real fact when I'm saying that.

For example, when I was in <a href="; target="_blank">Gonaives</a>, I known people whose parents had good businesses who could help themselves live a good life, yet they still had the idea of going to other countries instead of thinking of focus on getting their businesses move forward..

I knew one a guy who used to work at his parents store decided to leave his wonderful life behind to get on a boat to go abroad, than died. For what?

He didn't have a bad life in Haiti, and he was economically better than I was.

Moreover, Diaspora people are one of the # reasons once again Haiti is keep getting poorer..Why?

Because majority people who are rich diaspora didn't have a good education, or probably didn't even in school in Haiti.

Therefore, many of them have a sense of revengeful toward people in Haiti who are naturally born economically stable, and they also have it in for those people they believe light skin, etc..

You can even feel it even from Wyclef Jean when he speaks, it does sound like those type of diaspora.

They keep keep reminisce on how bad their life used to be in Haiti blah blah blah. No country on earth is everyone live in the same level, so there are poor, average, and rich.

Furthermore, the other reason is probably people who talk like you, who believe that without leaving your country, you have no life..

in fact you are wrong..

I think you'd help Haiti and Haitians better if when you go to Haiti for visit you could take your time to teach people young and old regarding the living condition in the U.S as a Haitian people.

Let them know how bad they treat you, and empower them not to take the boat risk, and make them feel proud about stay in their country and hope in their country...

Least not last, many Diaspora who go to Haiti make things even harder because they go there to show of their goods, money, that gives lot of people in Haiti delusion of how great their lives can be if they can make it on the other side of the sea.

Jean, October 2 2009, 11:31 PM

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