Dj Connection, I understand what you're saying very well and...

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Dj Connection,

I understand what you're saying very well and where you are coming from. I am Not about condemning you or anyone because everyone has the rights and the freedom to express their views and opinions whichever way they so choose too.

You said "having haitian-amrican participate on political affair will not be bad. but i know my people, one haitian see us money and guns they are ready to sell even their own mother I hope you read my statement carefully before you condanm me, i repeat it again if haiti has to wait on the diaspora to bring a final solution to deliver haiti from it trouble"

Dj Connection, this is where majority keep making the same mistake over and over again and they do because they cannot differentiate the "role of government & the role of citizens." Haitians keep shifting the burden on the Haitian shoulders to solve Haiti's problem, and I am saying if that was the case, Haiti would have been the most prosperous country in the Caribbean a longtime ago.

It is delusional to those Haitians who believe that Haitian-Americans want dual citizenship just so they can go to Haiti and fix Haiti of all of its problems.

You also said "basically all haitian has that perception that solution to save haiti has to come from an outsider, for example dump trach in the street hoping munistah will come to clean it up, we have desaster in the country we are waiting on other nation to make the first move, to do electio we are waiting on other nation to give us the okay. I think it time for us to stop being to comfortable on the (mandiancite)"

Dj that was a misstatement.

I think you should have directed these statements straight to the government instead of "we & us." The government is the sole body entity that keep bringing bring these people in to do whatever without any consultation or notification to the Haitian public.

Haitians are the only people on earth not to ever get know about what's going own in their own country.

Dj, government makes policies and and set the agenda, the people help shape those policies and follow the agenda set by the government and not the other way around.

Until the government present a well detailed blue point agenda to the people on where it wants to take the country in the next 5 to 10 years, Haiti is never going anywhere.

For example, it is the job and responsibility of the government to come with a plan to build the road national # 1 connecting P-A-P with Cap-Haitian and hire the people/citizens to build it.

The mayor of P-A-P must come up with a well detailed plan to clean up the streets of P-A-P and keep them clean.

To do that the mayor would need to hire citizens to do the clean up and have the citizens to keep the streets clean by providing dumpsters to the public to put their trash.

Do you see what I am trying to say?

Citizens don't set up policies the government does. Citizens follow the the laws, rules, and the regulations established by the government/leaders.

Tiba, September 28 2009, 2:21 PM

Topic: Dual Citizenship : Some called it a VICTORY!!!!

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