Not necessarily my friend. Not all Haitian Americans are...

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Not necessarily my friend.

Not all Haitian Americans are "patripoch".

THat's why we have to put the necessary laws in place to prevent bad behaviours.

THe world is becoming more and more global.

It has become more and more difficult for bad guys to hide in other countries without being caught and sent back to the "lieue de leurs crimes" if the justice system from that "lieue du crime" is serious about it.
I do not agree either that the country is worse off: The zenglendo phenomena is almost gone, routes are being built, there is no "represailles" against the press, people feel more comfortable going out and take care of their business.

Preval may be a "tafyate".

but he cares a bit, and most importantly, he's not a criminal.

And I know a lot of Haitians who turned US or Canadian citizens for the sake of helping family members get a visa or to take advantage of some benefits being offered to those who are citizens in the country where they live. But in their soul, they remain 100% haitians and they love this country of Dessalines.

Those who went to school in other developed countries sure can contibute positively because they see things differently, from a developed world state of mind. We, Haitians, who have never traveled, may have difficulties seeing the big picture.

We have our little ways of doing things and look where we are.
We should take full advantage of our diaspora intellect, their savoir-faire, their vision, as long as they don't behave themselves as "know-it-all" because the situation on the field changes by the day, and someone who has been out for a while, needs to readapt; I surely agree with you on that matter.

I have been living abroad for 16 years now. I am well educated and unemployed.

My personal business went down with the economy.

I would cherish the opportunity to go back there to help. I know my bills would not be as high as in the US and I would sure live well with the 3500 or $4000 US they offer a US university graduate.

By the way, I have never changed my citizenship because I did not have to (all my immediate relatives were already here in the US).

But I missed a lot of job opportunities because of that.
Let the parliament vote that dual-citizenship thing.

Haiti has nothing to lose.

Ayisyen Patriyot, September 27 2009, 11:15 AM

Topic: Dual Citizenship : Some called it a VICTORY!!!!

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