Tiba, i know you could be the best haitian, but you are not...

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Tiba, i know you could be the best haitian, but you are not every haitian, having haitian-amrican participate on political affair will not be bad. but i know my people, one haitian see us money and guns they are ready to sell even their own mother I hope you read my statement carefully before you condanm me, i repeat it again if haiti has to wait on the diaspora to bring a final solution to deliver haiti from it trouble, then, close all school in haiti, because school in a country suppose to be a mold to shape good mind to govern/develop the country.

basically all haitian has that perception that solution to save haiti has to come from an outsider, for example dump trach in the street hoping munistah will come to clean it up, we have desaster in the country we are waiting on other nation to make the first move, to do electio we are waiting on other nation to give us the okay. I think it time for us to stop being to comfortable on the (mandiancite)

Dj Connection, September 28 2009, 9:17 AM

Topic: Dual Citizenship : Some called it a VICTORY!!!!

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Tiba, i know you could be the best haitian, but you are not every haitian,having haitian-amrican participate on... read more >
Dj Connection, 28-Sep-09 9:17 am
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Tiba, 28-Sep-09 1:43 pm
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Tiba, 28-Sep-09 2:21 pm
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Zac, 29-Sep-09 5:37 pm


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