Remember These Words From Lavaud Hold Desmoulins

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"And now, how about the name of Jesus Christ you recite in your daily prayers?

What about the time when Jesus Christ was ignored by his own close friends?

What about Judah betrayed Jesus Christ for the rich Ruler's money and his calls to be patriotic?

What about Judah delivered Jesus Christ to the hands of Lucifer' servants after he was told to see his "Country First"?

What about Judah conspired with the "Diabolic" to humiliate, torture, and to murder Jesus Christ, after he was told that the Holy man was not a citizen of the State?

What about all the priest's propaganda of John Baptist was decapitated upon the rich Ruler's command for refusing to ignore Jesus Christ?

What about the tortures and jails of John Baptist and Jesus Christ, were they afraid to be betrayed and murdered?

What about all the people that cheered to all the humiliations and pains John Baptist and Jesus Christ were endured at the behest of the rich Ruler?

What about all the propaganda and threats of the rich Ruler' servants to render vile written and speculated prophecies?

What about the names of Jesus Christ and John Baptist you have on your lips along the rich Ruler's money in your pocket; his plea in your mind; and his threats in your lives?

What about now?" Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a, The C.R.J.

Remember these words.

The Great King is coming

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Hit Em Up, September 29 2009, 7:25 PM

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