Tiba, you may be on to something here. This is the first time...

Mark - August 13 2009, 9:08 PM

Tiba, you may be on to something here. This is the first time that I think you are speaking the gospel.

If those two were in the top two leaderahip position within the same year Haiti would see remarkable changes.

There would be a flood of Haitian throughout the world running back. And if that were to happen I would be right there with you demanding an amemdment to the Haitian constitution so those two would remain in power indefinitely, or intil their dealth.

We would celebrate and bask her glorious rebirth.

Before I get carried away let me wake up from this euphoric dream.

Actually, I can see the streets of Port au Prince painted with blood before a white guy could utter the words that "I am your great white hope".

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