Dr. Saidel Laine, For the first time I finally took the time...

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Dr. Saidel Laine,

For the first time I finally took the time to read such long post. The message, however, was signed by Dr. Saidel Laine but was posted by Ncdh 2010 (very confusing).

Nevertheless, I went to his web page he posted bellow his signature, and I was very impressed.

Dr. Saidel Laine is, indeed, a big time well qualified anesthesiology doctor who had made a big name for himself in the medical field.

Dr. Saidel Laine has also occupied/held various posts/positions in the government as well.

I applaud you, Dr. Laine for all your personal accomplishments, and for that you earn my respect and admiration.

However, Dr. Laine, while you are a big medical success, with all due respect, I don't think you have shown must expertise in solving the deforestation/environment cancer that is destroying Haiti's ecological system according to the message you posted on the blog.

After reading the message I could not stop analyzing the context of it as another "neocon" inspired proposition, and your web site supports my assertion well.

According to your accomplishment profile, it showed that you have worked for USAID and have run some programs in Haiti that were funded by USAID as well. In my opinion, USAID is the evil doing actor for most of Haiti's problems and short comings.

The program of NCDH to save and protect Haiti's environment is another promotion of the master's interest.

For example, the #6 of the plan calls to stop Haitians from using charcoal and forced them to use coal for energy.

My question is, since Haiti doesn't produce coal, where Haitians will get the coal from?

From the United States, of course! who's this coal business is going to benefit?

The master!

Dr. Laine, if you were really watching after the best interest of Haiti, as a doctor, you would know very well that "you don't hire a recovering alcoholic to work in a bar or in a liquor store", pure and simple.

It means that, if you or/and the government were really serious to move the Haitian people away from cutting the trees down to make charcoal, you wouldn't provide them with "coal" as the alternative to charcoal.

You would instead provide them with an alternative that will never give them any temptation to go back cutting down the trees again.

It's like saying "the cat will be forced to stop drinking pure natural milk, but will be forced instead to drink the powder milk." Got my drift!

As I have been advocating for a longtime now, the only doable and durable alternative to charcoal for energy in Haitian homes is: KEROSENE stoves.

These kerosene stoves are being used in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean except in Haiti.

These stoves are made with 4 legs which makes them portable and they come with 1, 2, 3, and 4 burners.

They use a gallon of kerosene that could last a whole week. They are cheap, very convenient, and extremely environmentally friendly.

After Hurricane Jeanne, I heard the government talking about buying tons of wood and distribute the wood to the Haitian households in order to keep them from cutting down the trees and eventually protecting the environment and Haiti's ecological system.

Even the cave man found that idea to be the most moronic and idiotic plan ever known to mankind.

Unfortunately, it is mentally typical for Haitians to always protect, promote, and defend the white man's interest even to the detriment of their own country.

The master's interest comes before the interest of the country always.

Charcoal and wood were the primitive form of energy used in the stone age era adopted by Haiti since the beginning of time. It is time that Haiti moves to a more modern 21st century alternative form of energy that Haitians families and the Haitian society can use in their homes and their industries, etc...

Please no more charcoal in any form and shape and no more wood as alternatives in order to save and protect the environment.

Coal can be used only to produce electricity and nothing else.

It is time that the Haitian society becomes modernized by moving away from the b.cs. time technology used during the stone age, and the dark ages, but instead embrass the technology of the 21st century.

Tiba, July 22 2009, 1:16 PM

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