Mr sebastien I know haiti you don't have to tell me togo...

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mr sebastien I know haiti you don't have to tell me togo there.

As I mention I'm a countryside person things were never changed for us. Its the same shit no good school hospital electricity.

I don't jump to us like that. I spend my high school time in cap haitian.

I moved to pop and stay there for 3years before I travel to us.What I'm trying to tell you guys even thought haiti was so beautiful the countryside people had the same life that's why they have to move to the big cities.

I repeat it again preval will not be able to fix a thing if we as haitian do not help.let me take an example were I'from we used to have a lot of trash in the street as young we clean the street and since then the place stay clean as improvement our house pass from kay ki fet ak te to 1-2 story houses.

if you watch sakapfet youtube yesterday click on new joy haiti 2009 you will have an idea of what Im talkin about.

we need to do our part to move haiti.

as I said again sometimes you need to listen to your parents history.

they most likely tell you the real thing that they are witness.

I was a good listener of my granpa who live haiti past evenmemt as well as was in the middle of the tourillo massacre.It's probably one of you family have intention of became candidat for president.

I can get the point.

But remimber you can be in preval place and can not do nothing for haiti.

a contry that depend on international aids what do you believe you can do without being dictate.

it is the same as you living in your mother's.

Didi, June 16 2009, 1:17 AM

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mr sebastien I know haiti you don't have to tell me togo there.As I mention I'm a countryside person things were never... read more >
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