Je comprends que c la democratie, on peut dire ce qu'on veut...

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Je comprends que c la democratie, on peut dire ce qu'on veut, on n'est plus à l'epoque de Duvalier, bref je comprend quand un haitien dit que preval est nul, Mais Preval est plus intelligent que aristide.

je crois que l'atmosphere en generel en haiti l'explique clairement, bon maintenant, esperons que le prochain president sera mieux et fera mieux.j'espere que le future president fera plus au niveau de construction des maisons et des quarties pour les pauvres ains que plus de routes, c comme ca la capitale sera desengorgée

El Caribeno, June 16 2009, 3:48 PM

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Didi, I notice that you changed your statement from the president should not be expected to fix the country's problem... read more >
Linda, 12-Jun-09 9:15 pm
First off sebastien I'm not defending anyone's cause I was just simply trying to get some answers on whether or not... read more >
509queen954, 12-Jun-09 10:43 pm
509queen, as of 11:55 my trip was postpone until Sunday. So now I have time to respond to more posts. Take it easy on... read more >
Linda, 13-Jun-09 12:14 am
I'm very sorry that I have been very hard in my intervention; however, i will continue to bomb the Preval's banana... read more >
Sebastien Michel Sanon, 13-Jun-09 2:42 pm
mr sebastien I know haiti you don't have to tell me togo there.As I mention I'm a countryside person things were never... read more >
Didi, 16-Jun-09 1:17 am
You mean it's ok for somebody to run for presidency and after becoming president, staying in power without doing... read more >
Sabastien Michel Sanon, 16-Jun-09 10:22 am
Didi, Some times, I led to believe that Haitians are on a perpetual hallucination state which makes it almost... read more >
Tiba, 16-Jun-09 3:20 pm
Je comprends que c la democratie, on peut dire ce qu'on veut, on n'est plus a l'epoque de Duvalier, bref je comprend... read more >
El Caribeno, 16-Jun-09 3:48 pm
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