Didi, Some times, I led to believe that Haitians are on a...

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Some times, I led to believe that Haitians are on a perpetual hallucination state which makes it almost impossible for them to think rationally.

It's really unbelievable!

Didi said "But remimber you can be in preval place and can not do nothing for haiti.

a contry that depend on international aids what do you believe you can do without being dictate.

it is the same as you living in your mother's."

And my question to Didi is this, as you said it so elequently, if Preval who is the president and government with the power to do for Haiti and can't, how would you expect regular/average Joe to make a difference in Haiti.

You call on all Haitians to do their part, how will they be able to their part if everything in Haiti is being dictated?

If Preval as the government is beeing dictated, according to you, so you don't think the those of us from the diaspora who would go to Haiti do to our part, will not be dictated?

Everybody keeps calling on the diaspora to go back to Haiti to their part, to fix the country, but no one can never come up with a well detailed plan about what to do exactly and how to do it. And those, who keep calling on Haitian diaspora to go back to Haiti to do their part, are still living the good life wherever they are living overseas.

They make no affort themselves to go anywhere.

These people need to lead by example by being the first ones to move back to Haiti to do their part and start fixing the country then they can invite the rest of us. This is prove the naivity, the immaturity, lack of understanding, and the ignorance that these people have about Haiti's reality.

Tiba, June 16 2009, 3:20 PM

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Didi, Some times, I led to believe that Haitians are on a perpetual hallucination state which makes it almost... read more >
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