Oh my gosh. Haaaaaaa. Don't get creamed on the internet.

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Oh my gosh. Haaaaaaa.

Don't get creamed on the internet.

Nous Tous, May 19 2009, 2:39 PM


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Haitians have to stop squatting in Dom Rep. Haitians are not in the same league as the Brazilians silly. Greek... read more >
The Avenger, 18-May-09 3:48 pm
So, Advenger, did your "god" teach you that you should only learn the parts of history that serves your purpose... read more >
Linda, 18-May-09 6:16 pm
Linda, Could you please ignore this uncle Tom whity wannabe? White people are the biggest criminals, barbaric, savages... read more >
Tiba, 18-May-09 7:26 pm
It’s like saying the million of Haitians who were born in the Dominican Republic are not Dominicans or the millions... read more >
Your Are Retarded And Foul, 19-May-09 11:19 am
Your Are Retarded And Foul You just proved how dumb and stupid you really are. You can't even comment on the smallest... read more >
Tiba, 19-May-09 11:48 am
Civilization the one thing that the Negro Majority in Haiti do not have nor seem to understand.Civilization is:1. An... read more >
Tiba Linda Are Foul And Repugnant, 19-May-09 2:13 pm
C’est toi l’imbecile. Civilisation Fait de civiliser: Ensemble des caracteres d'une societe humaine developpee... read more >
Linda Tiba Are Repugnant, 19-May-09 2:26 pm
Oh my gosh. Haaaaaaa. Don't get creamed on the internet. read more >
Nous Tous, 19-May-09 2:39 pm
Well, I had a really good time today reading this racist individual, who's posting under different titles. I don't... read more >
Linda, 19-May-09 3:25 pm
Give it a break for God's sake. And fix the spell check on this blog. La souffrance et le bonheur resultent de notre... read more >
Share The News Not The Pain, 19-May-09 4:02 pm
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