LeGrand Parisien salvant, This dialog is backward with...

Trap Oh Oui Trap Boys... - March 25 2009, 10:43 AM

LeGrand Parisien salvant,

This dialog is backward with unethical merit of trust because dual citizenship amendment is a government issue to address either by votes or decrees of the president.

The preval government is killing time and everybody else time simple as that.
I am sure many Haitians already blog and dialog about the constitution here on this site without
"entrer le code 335776#, identifiez-vous (Nom, organisation, endroit, et numero de telephone).


The Haitian government should know what to do concerning amending the constitution to allow dual citizenship.

The caller of this dialog never tell us of any actions been taken by the government to why we need to dialog over its benefits etc.

Can you?

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The dialogue about the benefits of dual citizenship...



Avant la soumission du rapport de Claude Moise au President Preval en Juillet 2007, avant la creation des commissions...

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