what should be done for haiti

Jenny Louis - March 21 2009, 11:37 AM

I think that the only way anything is going to change in Haiti is when

1. More and More haitians accept God. God is the only one that can give peace and security.

If more haitians stop doing that vodoo garbage and focus on their spiritual lives with God we wouldn't be in this mess.

2. Haitians need to stop fighting one another.

I know we are a very rebellious nation who doesn't take nonsense from anyone; that is something i love about us, but we need to encourage with actions not discourage with actions.

I know that there are haitians who might thing that sounds crazy but save the fighting for those who want to intrude into are country and pretend "to fix it" but really want to kill it. Hint! Hint!

3. I think with most sincerity, I really don't care about anything anyone says but the only true president Haiti should have is Jean Bertrand Aristide.

He wouldn't let all those stupid crappy UN's be in Haiti OUR COUNTRY trying to take away our freedom and independence; he wouldn't allow the kidnapping, raping or killings.

I wonder if anyone really thinks about why in the world are those stupid people their and why did the freakin "Bush" ex-persident send them to Haiti.

Think about that!

4. The haitians that don't give a flying foot about Haiti either you open your eyes or never come back to the country and don't you ever dear open your mouth to speak about anything haitian because two things that are really disgraceful are selling your country (Hint! Hint! the reason why we are in this mess) and talking junk about it. Everytime I hear junk talked about my country in school, I either get on your case or I look at you like your beyond ignorant; I know the American government hates us, harrasses us or loves deporting us, but now they think they can talk about us in our faces and now some low-life haitians joined to?

That's just disgusting!

These are just some my thoughts on what we haitians need to do to better ourselves.

I know that I'm not better, no one is, we all sin and do bad things, but there is a God and Haiti will have its justice when all Haitians will put together and look to the sky and say God is God and be proud of who they are and of our ancestors Dessalines, Toussaint, Christophe, Petion and those who backed them up. Hey look, I'm 15 years old and I love being Haitian and love my culture.

I would never deny who I am and you shouldn't either!

Jenny Louis

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Tete Kale Bobis says...

Jenny Louis, You sound like a double-minded person who talked the talk but can’t walk the walk. If God is the answer... more »

Natasha says...

God is the answer for Haiti. because haitian people need to know what they are doing is bad.Aristade was one of the... more »

Tete Kale Bobis says...

Yes God is the answer for Haiti but aristide is absolutely bad for Haiti because aristide is a thieve who took... more »

Hercule Dartiguenave says...

Jenny You make a lot of sense for the age you claim and I would like to invite you to listen to Independance 2011 and... more »

Hercule Dartiguenave says...

Natasha I like to consider Aristide as an advocate of social justice when he first surfaced and before he got... more »

Natasha says...

you s.o.b. you're one of the nonsense useless haitians we have. I bet you tell all the haitians you know your crappy... more »

Natasha says...

thank you for your thoughts more »

Jenny says...

thank you for your thoughts on my ideas. it is sometimes hard to make people agree on this issues. can you tell me... more »

Jean-esdrace Germain Charles says...

Let's keep it positive and listen to each other with respect. Everyone has an opinion and it is ok for someone to... more »

Larry Mulligan says...

Wow! I could not agree more. A 15 year old raises a serious question; the responses seem, to this observer, less than... more »